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Duke City Repertory Theatre exists to serve its audience. Our goals are to create top-notch, bold theatre for our patrons, to put Albuquerque and NM on the map as a destination for theatre artists and patrons and to be the premier regional, professional theatre company in the Southwest.

It is our aim to make this art accessible and compelling to not only the theatre community, but the entire community at large. Our theatre resides not in bricks and mortar, but in that which can be shared between human beings immersed in a created world.


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  1. We saw ‘Five Women …’ last night and the audience was encouraged to share comments, good and bad. This is a bit of both.

    The good: I loved the acting and direction! The script had good development of characters, and I always appreciate an author who can give true voice to both genders.

    The less appreciated: In my humble opinion a lot of modern plays have poor story lines. They develop characters, develop conflict, and then end. I think ‘Our Town’ is a near perfect play. It ends with a point of view; we don’t talk to each other enough. Shakespeare bring his principal characters to a transformed conclusion; some are dead, some have a spouse, some a greater appreciation of … (the importance of love, of human frailty …). I appreciate Shakespeare and Wielder are high standards, but Five Women … didn’t even try.

    But again, you all did a really fine job with what I think is a badly flawed script.

    • Thank you so much for your comments and thoughts! (And pardon our delay in replying, we’ve been quite busy!)

      We agree that “Five Women” is a… less than easy script. That’s a good reason as to why we chose to produce it as part of our season. We at DCRT enjoy the challenge of taking a script like “Five Women” and doing the best possible work that we can with it and, hopefully, create a piece of theatre that is engaging and thought-provoking. We like the challenge a piece of theatre like “Five Women” can provide by forcing us to give as much thought and creativity to ANY project, no matter how lacking it may be.

      Having said that, we do also spend quite a bit of time and energy on established plays and scripts. We hope that what you saw we were capable of with “Five Women” will inspire you to join us for another production and we will welcome your thoughts on that work as well!

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